Our patients and their families are awesome!
Dr. Blair is amazing, and so are all the staff. My kiddo needs LOTS of dental attention unfortunately, but she is always super happy to see Dr. Blair. He and his staff really care about and can relate to the kids. He is always willing to explain the best options and care. I had to call on Friday for a loose retainer that was cutting up my daughter's gums. This is one of their hospital surgery days, so the office is closed. I called the emergency number, and Dr. Blair called us back almost immediately. He got us in the office at the next available day. I would definitely recommend this pediatric dentist over all others, and we drive 30 minutes each way to go here.
It's well worth it!
-Mo S.

I have five kids.....13 year old, 12 old year old, 11 year old, 9 year old, and 8 year old. They ALL seriously LOVE going to the dentist because Dr. Blair and his assistants create such a fun experience every time we go. They definitely take the "scary" out of going to the dentist. Dr Blair is very personable and the kids just adore him. They always look forward to our visits to his office---they seriously argue over who gets to 'go first.' The office is super clean and plus the decor is super fun. ;) My 13 year old boy has some discoloring issues with his teeth...we have been to numerous dentists and not one of them could help us out...they had never seen it before. It was getting so bad my son didn't even want to smile with his teeth showing. Dr. Blair knew exactly what it was that my son has and was able to begin treating it on our very first visit to his office. Thanks Dr Blair for helping my 13 year old feel better about his teeth. Dr Blair is definitely the BEST dentist and we are so HAPPY he is OUR DENTIST. If you are in the market for a dentist for your kiddos.......Dr Blair is your guy!!!!!
-Mary T.
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Our promise is to take care of your children the way we would our own.

Children have truly unique dental needs. Just think of the many changes your child undergoes during their developmental growth phases. Your child’s mouth changes from having no teeth to having baby teeth, and from losing the baby teeth to receiving their adult teeth. All of this occurs in the first 12-14 years of your child’s life. This is a lot of change, and pediatric dentists are trained to provide the care necessary to ensure your child passes through these phases in life and enters adulthood with a strong and healthy smile.

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