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Dr Blair

DR. Blair

Hello there! I’m Dr. Blair and I’m so happy to introduce myself to you. I’m a father to four and husband to one. My wife and I met in high school, but didn’t date until college, probably because I had some “maturing” to do. I spent two years living in Argentina, and so I am fluent in Spanish, love empanadas, and know how to survive without running water! While in Argentina, I had a pet pig named Norman who refused to eat scraps, which lead me to improve my culinary skills! Because of this, I enjoy trying new recipes or creating my own. My wife Marne’ and I have been married almost 20 years and are the proud parents of 1 son and 3 daughters. Our son Tucker is an excellent guitarist and enjoys spending time with his friends (like all teenagers!). Our oldest daughter, Parley is a complete bookworm. She even hides on top of the garbage cans in the corner of our yard to find hours of peace and quiet to read.

Piper, our middle daughter, is a firecracker. She loves sports, playing the piano, and recently conquered the Cliffhanger at Roaring Springs. This girl is afraid of nothing! Micah, our youngest, will always be known as the baby. She almost always gets her way, gets in our bed nightly, and rarely has to complete her chores. We clearly have much to work on with her. As a family, we enjoy bike riding, taking our mini-labradoodle Charlie on walks, watching movies and just spending time together.

I started my dental training at Brigham Young University, where I completed an undergraduate degree in Nutritional Science. From there, I attended University of Nevada Las Vegas for dental school. I knew I wanted to focus all my dental attention on kids’ oral health, and so I completed an additional 2 years of specialized pediatric training at the University of Tennessee. In addition to practicing at the University of Tennessee’s pediatric dental clinic, I also served other various pediatric facilities, including Crittenden Regional Hospital, Lebonheur Children’s Hospital, and the highly revered St. Jude’s Research Hospital. Accordingly, I have extensive knowledge and experience working with children, including infants, children of special needs, medically compromised individuals, as well as those with severe anxieties. Because I have had a wide variety of training and experience, my scope of practice includes the ability to deliver full mouth dental rehabilitation under general anesthesia, and to deliver safe and effective in-office administration of oral conscious sedation. But I do feel as though kids are at ease around me and in turn, kids feel at ease in the dental chair. Because of this, I can often turn an anxious child into a relaxed one without the use of sedatives. I even won the honor of Best Behavior Management, as voted on by my residency faculty and peers!

I can’t wait to meet you and your kiddos!

-Randy P. Blair, DMD


meet Kristy!

Kristy is our office manager and might know everyone in the Treasure Valley!

Q. What makes you laugh?
A. Other people laughing... it's contagious! Funny jokes, being tickled and my son Weston.

Q. What makes you smile?
A. Dancing in the kitchen with my kids and family!

Q. What makes you grow?
A. Daily constant and never-ending effort in improvement,
forgiveness and having faith that what will be will be.


meet marci!

Marci is one of our dental assistants and loves to listen to Cardi B!

Q. What makes you laugh?
A. My daughter Benelli- she keeps us on our toes!

Q. What makes you smile?
A. Dr Pepper.

Q. What makes you grow?
A.The people I meet everyday.


Melinda is one of our Dental Assistants

Q. What makes you laugh?
A. TikToks.

Q. What makes you smile?
A. My pets (3 cats and a dog!)

Q. What makes you grow?
A. My wife.



Sabina is one of our dental assistants and she loves to bake.

Q. What makes you laugh?
A. My daughter. She has such a big personality!

Q. What makes you smile?
A. Spending time with my family and friends.

Q. What makes you grow?
A. Keeping an open mind and always giving 100%!

meet Whittney!

Whittney is one of our dental assistants and she used to compete in figure skating!

Q. What makes you laugh?
A. Funny videos.

Q. What makes you smile?
A. Food coming to my table.

Q. What makes you grow?
A. Going out of my comfort zone.

meet LIZZY!

Cool fact about me : I graduated high school a year early !

Q. What makes you laugh?
A. Dad jokes.

Q. What makes you smile?
A. My friends.

Q. What makes you grow?
A. I grow by making mistakes and learning from them!

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